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St. Charles Stop: Meet John Yi

Thanks again to the St. Charles fire department!

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They blog!: HERE  |  Contact info: HERE

St. Charles Stop: St. Charles fire dept

We arrived in St. Louis at the end of our tour, having met so many fascinating people and collected so many stories we were excited for this one. The crew at the St. Charles fire department threw their doors wide open for us. The firefighters were immediately drawn to the the mini lights as they are perfect for their helmets and fit comfortably in their hands. First order of business was to put professor Eric in the bucket and send him skyward, 100 feet to be exact. Tossing the light out of the bucket onto the street below it took a great bounce and still worked! Wanting to know if it was just luck we tossed it again from 100 feet up (the lights are rated for a 30 foot drop). Same light dropped twice and still working! SOLD! Of course we were going to test these in every way, running it over with an 80,000lb firetruck is like child’s play at this point but we did it anyway. The fire crew were giddy, we smiled confidently as they rolled over it 3 times. No problem.

They had something special in store for us, sure the lights can withstand punishment but how does it perform in fire situations where lives are at stake? They took us to a house used for training, complete with tight maze-like structures and walls to smash through. Oh and all of that with the house dark and filled with smoke. John Yi, a 10 year veteran of the Warrenton fire department and rescue crew, easily attached the light onto his existing helmet mount and maneuvered through the thick smoke and tight dark quarters complete with collapsing floors. Coming out the other end he had nothing but genuine high praise for these tough tools. Comparing our lights to the department issued lights he was impressed and was hoping the station would be able to put these into the rotation immediately.

Thank you to the whole crew. We all had a great time, the lights stood up and surpassed tough demands. Perfect way to end the tour.

St. Charles fire department! Great bunch of guys!

Up up and away!

Dropping flashlight from 100 feet. Yep, still works.

Nice fit!

Fireman John Yi. He was kind enough to let us interview him for our next video. Thanks John!

Nick interviewing John.

Getting ready to test the flashlights at the practice site in St. Charles, Missouri.


Test in progress. Those are some bright lights.

In the thick of it.

Thanks again to the St. Charles fire department!

See more photos from our time in Missouri, on Flickr: HERE

They blog!: HERE  |  Contact info: HERE

Watch for our next post which shares John Yi’s story in a short video.

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Sharon likes to make new friends.

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Playing with flashlights at BB Kings Restaurant and Blues Club in Memphis

We went to BB Kings Restaurant and Blues Club and ate some ribs! The bar manager was kind enough to show us around the place. She said there were ghosts. We didn’t see any.

Rayovac Indestructible Flashlight Test #6

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Charlotte Stop #2: Meet Daniel Gottshall

Thanks again Daniel!

See more photos from our time in Charlotte, on Flickr: HERE

Check out Charlotte Ski Boats website: HERE

Charlotte Stop #2: Meet Daniel Gottshall

Meeting and interviewing Dan was the epitome of how this project was set up. Get ourselves out there and see who we meet.

While we were across the street talking with another interviewee, they suggested we go see the boat guys. Of course we’ll go see the boat guys! You could tell that all the people we met at the shop were guys who grew up on the water and really knew their stuff.

Meet Daniel Gottshall, a technician at Charlotte Ski Boats. His passion is working on high performance watercraft, more specifically wakeboards and skiboats. Upon inspection of our flashlight he noticed the dual beam feature that enables him to shine some serious light on any dark hidden corner as well as tone it down for closer work. As he was poking around the engine on a boat that had just come out of storage, he noticed a previously overlooked oil leak! He gave credit to the flashlight and became a true believer. We could not have been happier.

Thank you Daniel and Charlotte Ski Boats. You guys are hardworking pros!

You can tell Daniel enjoys his work.

Daniel putting our indestructible flashlight to the test.

Today he gets to test out a newly repaired boat on the water. That seems like a fun part of the job.

Tough hands, tough light.

Daniel talking about his trade.

Daniel and Nick. I’ll bet this boat is one wild ride.

Testing the brightness of our light. Yep, it’s bright even in daylight.

Thanks again Daniel!

See more photos from our time in Charlotte, on Flickr: HERE

Check out Charlotte Ski Boats website: HERE

Watch for our next post which shares more of Daniel’s story in a short video.

Rayovac Indestructible Flashlight Test #5

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Charlotte Stop: Meet Jamie Cambell

Jamie Cambell is a contract electrician living and working in Charlotte, NC. He received his degree in Electrical/Electronics from Gaston College and then went on to Raleigh to get his state license. Jamie says the best thing about his job is that he gets to do something new most days. The day we were there to talk to him about Rayovac indestructible flashlights he had to do some electrician work at a local salon. Last week he installed a 32 foot projection screen in a client’s pool house! He replaced all the old light switches in the house to radio frequency switches that can be controlled by an iPod. How cool is that!

Jamie relies on his tools and expects those tools to last. He has been using a Rayovac flashlight for the past 4 years! It’s kept it in his front pocket and is used daily. So, it wasn’t hard for him to talk about how he loves Rayovac flashlights.

Jamie, his dad and brother are all active at their local church. They enjoy helping out with their church’s youth activities. He also enjoys racing motorcycles and working on his bikes at his home shop.

Hanging out with Jamie was a great way to spend our afternoon in Charlotte. Thanks Jamie!

Jamie shows us the Rayovac flashlight he’s been using for 4 years!

Jamie at work.

Eric shows us what it takes to stay so pretty.

Jamie testing our flashlight by throwing it against the wall. Does it still work? Yep.

He was impressed with the brightness of our LEDs. It’s the first thing the guys say when they check out the light.

Jamie having some fun with the team. 

Thanks to Jamie for allowing us to tag along for an afternoon!

See more photos from our time in Charlotte, on Flickr: HERE

Eric, dreaming of yesterdays travels.

Rayovac Indestructible Flashlight Tour 2011